Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love Lake Powell

This weekend we went to Lake Powell with our good friends Mike and Mona. It was awsome of them to let us crash their party. It was Zaks first time at Lake Powell. We have officially introduced him to our favorite place on earth! Kent and I love Lake Powell. We have gone as many as 12 times a year (of course that was when gas was affordable!) We plan on making it a habit again soon.

Kent thinks this is definatly proof this is not his son!

I think this is proof he is!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catch Up

I have to second Tianna - I have been a slacker. We have had things to blog about too! With Z around it is never boring!
Memorial weekend was spent with the Reids in Miller Canyon. That again is never boring! It was a little rainy but not cold so it was nice and relaxing.
On Sunday we sat around all morning and then we got the good idea to go on a ride. Half of us thought that we should go on a short ride and the other half thought we should go on a long ride. The problem came when the two halves didn't communicate. We got out of the canyon and looked back and the BIG BLACK rain cloud coming right at us. We knew it was a lost cause but we all took off back to camp hoping that it would be before the rain hit us. About 3 minutes into our journey back rain started. About 5 minutes into it the hail started. Our ride back was cut short by a stop at the bathroom at the opening of the canyon. ALL of us and one other family sat in the bathroom to wait out the storm. What a trip - what where we thinking!
There are really cute pictures of the weekend but our family photographer has them hostage - I will get copies and share.

Last weekend I had my boys for a night and it was so fun. I loved having them and hope to have a boys weekend again soon.
We didn't do anything life changing. We watched movies - made smores - played in the sand and the pool. I took this picture on purpose just so Brandon knows there may have been a little corruption going on! :-)

I had to take the boys home on Saturday so we did some yard work on Sunday. Zak was so much help (always) but there was some resting done - on Zak's part! Mom and Dad had a very productive day. We have a goal to finish our back yard this year. I am really liking doing our own landscaping, it is hard work but really rewarding. When it is all done or when you see things growing (more thanks to Kent than me) it is great!

Last but certainly not least we are potty training again. This time happy to say with more success. Saturday when I had Bryson I thought I would take advantage of the "big Boy" affect to get Z to pee in the toilet (like Bryson) it worked for a few hours. Then Zak called from the living room "Mom you might as well put a diaper back on me"! As he peed on my floor. I was so mad and exasperated. I have been getting the feeling that Zak was being Lazy about potty training but now I knew for sure! So Sunday morning he got big boy pants on and a pep talk that went something like, babies don't go on boats, 4 wheeler rides, get ice cream, you get the picture. Three days into "take 2" we are seriously getting somewhere. His favorite is peeing on a tree. He has only tried to pee on the playground tree at DAYCARE once. I warned the teacher so she was watching and he was stopped - what do you do. I am just so glad to not be changing diapers!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Baby Sister is Married!

Well the Anderson family is now even! 6 Adult Females to 6 Adult Males. To make maters even better there are 4 Male Grandsons to 4 Female Granddaughters! Is my math right is this for real? Did we ever think the day would come?

No I am not biased - She is the most beautiful bride ever!

This is what we did most of the night! I danced with my boy! At least one of them will dance with me!

How handsome are they!

Mom's Helper

Zak is the best help. I don't do anything with out him helping. I tell myself that it will work out best for me in the long run because if he is a good help at 2 then at 12 he can clean the toilets and I won't have to. That is what I am telling myself and I don't want any one correcting me!
Here is Zak in action - Helping mom!

He unloaded everything in his dresser and dumped it on the living room floor. Where was I, on the computer blogging of course! I helped out by getting him the laundry basket to PUT it all back!

To the naked eye this looks like a mess - to me this is a carefully folded drawer of Pajamas!

Friday, April 24, 2009



This last weekend was FINALLY nice weather! I have been waiting for this since January 2nd! And I wanted to get out on the bikes. My plan was to get out in the sand and sun - unfortunately the majority wanted to go to the mountains! Yes, it had been warm for like 4 hours and they wanted to go the SNOW! I was not happy and told everyone as much. However we still went. See the snow behind Z, so irritating. Kent owes me a nice HOT weekend on the bikes in Mesquite some weekend soon!

Life with a two year old!


Yes that is vacuum attachments, ALL of my vacuum attachments. Nice and put away in my broiler drawer.
I turned on my oven and went in my room to sort laundry. Well that was long enough to, well, melt plastic in my oven. I sometimes put things in my oven to get them off my counter, you know make it look clean :-) So that was my first thought, my second when I realized it was coming from the bottom of my oven is that it was one of Zaks cars. I didn't even know that my attachments were missing. And there they were. I turned off the oven and then Mom needed a time out! By the time Kent got home I was calmer about it and so we could deal. Apparently it was the perfect end to an altogether frustrating day for him too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

So this weekend we stayed home for the holiday. I don't remember the last time I spent an Easter home! It was nice (especially since the weather was so crappy) We went to the City Easter Egg Hunt to freeze our behinds off!

And then Kent and I got to play Easter bunny for the first time! Wow that was a little harder than first thought. I apparently didn't do it right either because at 5 in the morning Zak was pounding on my head with his new toys that the Easter bunny brought him! I swear I remember my Easter bunny leaving the baskets by our beds so we had them as soon as we woke up! I must not have woke up in the middle of the night like my boy does! So I asked around and next year I am going to do things a little different.

Easter Dinner was at Chris and Karen's and it was such a good dinner! After a day of total Chocolate consumption, real food hit the spot! Karen had a pinata for the kids and Zak was a riot. In true Pinata form the dang thing wouldn't break until Uncle Dan-o took matters in his own hands!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I just had to let all of you know that this year I had the best birthday of my adult life. We won't go into how many birthdays that is....
I know that that is a bold statement and I can't even say why exactly but it was so great. There was a huge snow storm that day and seriously snow in April, not cool, but it still couldn't ruin my day. I went to work and my boss made me (and the rest of the office) breakfast. That was a nice surprise. My parents, Kent, Taleesa and Garret went to lunch with me, not very often do I get to see my parents on my actual birthday so that was a big treat. That night Kent arranged his parents to take Zak for the whole night and took me and some of my closest friends (Troy, Dawn, Dave Lisa, Mike and Mona) to dinner. My favorite place, the Ninja - Sushi my favorite. That is not all, the next day Karen took me to get a pedicure and the "girls" went to lunch, and then best of all....I got a two hour nap! :-)
It was just all very good and at the end of the weekend I truly feel loved and spoiled. I very much appreciate everyone in my life - I am one lucky girl!